Texas Early Music
What is is an on-line listing of Early Music organizations, events and performers in the state of Texas. The listing is by no means exhaustive as that would be nearly impossible considering the vibrant Early Music scene in Texas.

This website has grown out of my own interest in Early Music and hobby of following what is going on around the area. I thought this might be of interest to others and might help to promote the nurturing and appreciation of Early Music in our part of the world.

What is Early Music?

That is a tough question to answer exactly. Generally, you may consider the definition to be the music of J.S. Bach and before. This includes music of the Baroque, Rennaisance, and Medieval periods. The context being that of European classical music.

Frequently, Early Music groups will perform on instruments, original or replicas, of the period during which the music was composed. Often the music will be performed in "historically correct" style as derived from treatises and writings on performance practice of the period. Sometimes, groups will perform modern pieces composed for period instruments. Is that Early Music too? Well, you can decide.

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